Tuesday, November 20, 2012


The back of the barn

Welcome to our new permaculture and homesteading blog. We hope to share our adventures as we move to our friend's home in the country.

What the heck is permaculture? In short, it combines the best aspects of nature (food production through a well-balanced system) and agriculture (copious amounts of easily digestible food). Started by Bill Mollison and David Holgrem, its 12 design principles include:

1. Observe and Interact
2. Catch and Store Energy
3. Obtain a yield
4. Accept feedback and apply self regulation
5. Value renewable resources
6. Produce no waste
7. Design from patterns to details
8. Integrate rather than segregate
9. Small and slow solutions
10. Use and value diversity
11. Use the edges and margins
12. Creatively use and respond to change

We hope to refer back to these principles as we describe our farm endeavours. As far as homesteading goes, we have been inspired by the Radical Homemakers movement, and as such, we hope to have one or both of us working at least part-time from home to support ourselves.

Happy reading! Enjoy some of these first glimpses of the farm.

The old corn crib

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