Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April farm recaps and goals

Hello all! I thought I would take some time to recap some of our farm adventures since November and fill you in on some of our goals for the spring. A few people have expressed interest in helping at the farm occasionally. Contact me with info on what specifically you would like to tackle and we will pick a time together.

So far:
Added polyurethane to the lodge floor
Jacked up the lodge floor
Created an automated chicken feeder.
Harvested over 100 gallons of sap and made over a gallon of syrup
Attended the Midwest Catholic Worker Farm Gathering
Redid the plastic on the potting shed
Started seeds, including leeks, onions, kale, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, and collards
Harvested 11 chickens then 13 more later in the winter

Later this spring:
Buy some young chickens
Develop a system for pastured chicken foraging
Get bees
Boil down more of the sap into syrup
Attend the Sustain Jefferson gardening workshops
Make some no-till annual garden beds
Plan and continue planting the perennial food forest
Harvest and preserve spring herbals such as violets, dandelions, and cedar.

After our semi-hibernation this winter we are excited to get back into the growing season.

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