Friday, March 21, 2014

2014 Garden Plans

We are keeping things simple this year with the little one due to arrive in July. We ordered all our seeds from the Sand Hill Preservation Center. They are a smaller company that offers heirloom seeds, and we've had good experience working with them in the past. We limited our choices of seeds that need to be started in flats this year because we will be traveling quite a bit this spring. Also, last year we started seeds to early and had frost issues in our potting shed. Many of our choices this year can be planted straight in the ground and not have to be fussed with very much over the summer (pruning, staking, etc).

Here's what we've got:
Collards (Morris Heading)
Spinach (America)
Onion (Red Burgundy)
Perennial Onion (Egyptian Winter)
Beets (Colossal Red Mangel- the little ones are supposed to be good for eating and supposedly the chickens will like the larger ones. We shall see)
Popcorn (Fireside)
Luffa (Angled- for washing with... not eating)
Winter Squash (Sibley)
Winter Squash (Red Kuri- complementary)
Tomato (Abraham Lincoln- complementary)
Sage (Broadleaf)
Dill (Mammoth)
Lovage (this is an herb that tastes like celery)

Theoretically we should have planted the onions by now and should just be starting the collards and spinach. Realistically, we are going to Maine for an extended weekend trip to visit our sisters so this will get started a bit late. Oh well... it's been a slow start to spring anyway.

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