Friday, January 4, 2013

Let's Get Jacked Up

As some of you may know, the floor in the lodge had some major dips in it. Catherine's friend, Jim, gave us some advice on how to jack up the house and sister new joists on to the old ones. David lent Neal a hand in December while he visited us during Christmas break. They report that it wasn't as gross under the lodge as you would think, but they kept running into snags (like new 2X8's being too long for the building, etc). Neal finished the next weekend. We're grateful for the help we received, the knowledge we gained, and that the project is finally over since it's getting a bit cold out!

We will probably add some insulation under the floors at a later date. Just have to work up the motivation again.

Here are some pictures that chronicle the progress.

The original sag in the floor at its worst

Not level... but that might be a bit more permanent

"X" marks the spot

Getting supplies from the barn

The entrance to the cave

The plans

More plans

Good thing Neal enjoys caving

David worked on a side project

I was "helping" by offering encouragment

We found some extra jacks

David getting involved too

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