Friday, January 11, 2013

Our first blizzard

We got about 15 inches of snow on December 20th at the farm. I was stoked! It was an opportunity for me to  bunker down in the house and work on craft projects. Neal braved the weather and drove to work. Catherine got a bunch of projects done both indoors and outdoors.

View from the cupola

The lodge

Another view from the cupola

The coop looks tiny here

Corn crib and garage

Love the way this tree looks

We toured the property

Neal loves our new snow shoes

The snow was so deep in the drifts


Back by the walnut trees

View of the fields by Catherine

We created a few paths the places we use often

The ol' corn crib

Also pretty
Neal's pigpen snow angel

I made a scrap rug with all our old jean scraps. It should help warm up the place a touch. I found a similar pattern on the internet a while ago... check it out if you need more detailed directions.

Start by removing all the seams and holes and dirty spots

Cut strips about 1/2 inch thick

You could roll this into a ball,
but I just did one section at a time to save a step

Use a large crochet hook and follow the pattern of your choice

Final product... needs to have a heavy object
placed on it to flatten it out

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