Thursday, May 9, 2013

Exponential growth

It's hard to believe that just a month ago we were thrilled to see anything green growing up because now a few days absence means the plants are HUGE when we get back. Exciting and slightly nerve wracking at the same time depending on whether or not our crops and edible weeds win the race for space.

Below are the pictures of the veggies sprouting on our lasagna bed, dandelion flowers taking over (edible...and can also be infused in oil as a lotion), blooming trees, nettle growing, and the cold frame plants flourishing [not necessarily in that order]

The last picture is of our homemade pizza from our larder. Neal made a sourdough pizza crust, we added tomatoes and sausage from the freezer, plus spinach from our CSA. This May we are focusing on "eating down the pantry" before we have tons of fresh produce coming in from the garden. We probably could have started in April... lesson learned for next year. Right now we are only buying dairy, grains, and meat from the store. Don't worry... Our diets aren't suffering: already today I've had bok choi (CSA), chives (from a friend's garden), beets (CSA), scallions (CSA), dandelion (cold frame), seaweed (cupboard stash), garlic (gift from fellow farmer), egg ( from our chickens), soup (from freezer and fridge foods), and yogurt (homemade last week with just milk and saved yogurt starter from the last batch). So, life is good here with lots of yummy meals as we make room for this year's harvest.

I'd be interested to hear if any of you are eating foods from your gardens or foraging yet.

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