Friday, May 31, 2013

Another photo log

Linden tree aka basswood. Edible flowers and young leaves. Nourishing and anti-inflmmatory

Just learned about it in my herbal apprenticeship Friday and here it is on the farm :)

You eat the leaves when they are still small and translucent... Too late for this tree. Now we have to wait for the flowers to bloom to make herbal infusions.

Another lilac

Katie Coldwell bought us a mushroom kit as a wedding present... Look how well these shiitakes are doing!

Poor raspberry didn't transplant well. I think it will make a comeback though.

Almond tree... Doing well!
Colleen and Marvin helped is mulch around all our new trees last weekend... Many thanks!

Older batch of chickens outside in paddock that is moved every Friday 

8 new pullets (adolescent hens) that we got on Wednesday. They are being hazed until the pecking order is established... Hence them huddled in the corner :( 

we got 2 of each type. The black and white ones are called Barred Rocks and are my current favorites.

Buff Orpington on the left and Rhode Island Red on the right

The gray one is an aracauna. She is tiny, but fast!

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