Friday, June 14, 2013

New life and new eats

This hen was broody so we got three fertilized eggs from a neighbor. She hatched the first one today...more pics later when she is not hanging out under mama hen all day.

We think one of our new birds started laying eggs today. It was not in a nest box and is so much smaller than the other eggs.

We are still waiting for Catherine's Linden tree to bloom. The flower and bract can be dried to make a delicious herbal infusion with anti-inflammatory qualities.

Butter making kit we received for Christmas.

Washing out the extra buttermilk so the butter keeps longer.

Buttermilk... For the original buttermilk pancakes or ranch dressing. We just drank it straight. Yum!

Little butterbell for storage.

Neal is headed to a permaculture course this week, and We are hoping he can post about that experience and also about making a hugelkultur garden bed when he gets back.

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