Tuesday, June 18, 2013

De-hydrate, de-hydrate, de-hydrate

This week's theme is dehydration. We have harvested lots of yummy things and now we are drying them out for later use.

St. John's Wort drying out for future use as teas. I could have also used it fresh to make an oil infusion for sunscreen or a tincture (more potent that the teas). The flower is so beautiful, have any of you seen it before?

Comfrey (or as the ancient ones called it, "bone-knit") is being dried for herbal infusions. Comfrey has been used to heal broken bones, sprains, and tears.

Dried nettle for infusions (mostly), and also for soups or to be ground and added to gamasio

Cattails... Drying for mat making :) we ate the shoots at my herbal apprenticeship on Monday

My first attempt at mat making... Looks ok to me. Read the directions after I started though... Oops!

Mat looks nice and tight right after it is finished.

Mat is much looser now that it dried. Next time I will dehydrate the cattail, rehydrate it, and then make the mat to see if that helps. Raspberry leaves drying here for an astringent, nourishing tea 

And lastly, just for fun, we have the chiogga beets that are finally big enough to see the ring pattern when cut. Pretty and delicious... And also pretty delicious

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