Friday, July 26, 2013

Let the harvest begin...

Calendula flowers from our friends, Anne and Dennis, from a farm about 25 minutes away.

Some of the last of this batch of sweet peas. We like them grilled with a Thai inspired peanut dipping sauce... Mmmm!

There is a lot more dill in the garden yet. Anyone have good dilly recipes to share with us?

This is our experiment with drying lamb's quarter leaves. We weeded it out of the garden and can hopefully save it to add to soups and such in the winter.

Neal and I picked 13 pints of blueberries at Jelli's market yesterday. We saved one pint for eating fresh, dehydrated 3 pints, froze 3 pints, canned 3 pints, and made 3 pints worth of fruit leather. I hope to go back to Jelli's with my friend Becky to pick raspberries later this week.

We gathered all the extra juices from the blueberries and cherries...

...for more popsicles! This time in ice cube trays. What a treat!

Neal has had a busy week: sewing,

making sourdough bread, 

and care taking of the bees and chickens. We have no idea what was happening with this egg.

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