Monday, August 5, 2013


Neal and I canned 7 pints of blueberries, 3 half pints of blueberry jam, and 1.5 pints of raspberry jam. We were able to leave out white sugar and just add a touch of homemade maple syrup. We even made our own liquid pectin from Catherine's crab apples. Below is the blueberry jam boiling down. Learned to use a bigger pot in the future!

Here is the second batch of jam plus one jam that had to be reprocessed due to not sealing properly.

Here is the homemade liquid pectin process. For more details, see:!.html

Pick and wash crab apples. These ones are cherry size.

Add water and cook down until the apples fall apart and are mashable.

Strain the liquid pectin.

Reheat pectin and place in warmed jar.

All that work for one pint of pectin (good for jamming about 6 cups of fruit. I want to do a bigger batch next time 
to make it worth the cleanup effort

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